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2.) Biodiversity and Community Knowledge Protection Act (September 29, 1998)

1.) Plant Varieties Act (September 29, 1998)


3.) Provisional Measure No. 2.186-16 of August 23, 2001

2.) Amapá State Law on Access to Genetic Resources (1997)

1.) Acre State Law - Accesso a recursos genéticos lei estadual (1997)

Costa Rica

Biodiversity Law (April 23, 1998)


3.) Biological Diversity Act (2002)

2.) Karnataka Community Intellectual Rights Bill (1994, draft)

1.) Community Intellectual Rights Act (1994, NGO proposal)


Draft law on access and community rights  (draft)


LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY LAW No. 20 (of June 26, 2000)

On the special intellectual property regime upon collective rights of indigenous communities, for the protection of their cultural identities and traditional knowledge, and whereby set forth other provisions.


Law introducing a protection regime for the collective knowledge of indiginous peoples derived from biological resources (Version submitted to Congress and subsequently approved as Law 27811 of 10 August 2002)


3.) Community Intellectual Rights Protection Act - CIRPA (2001, draft)

2.) Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (1997, in force)

1.) Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (1997, in force)